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Keep the Commission in Your Own Pocket.

​We Guide You Through The Process of  Selling Your House Without a Realtor

​DomoVendo Offers a ​Real-Time Guided Coaching Program for Home Sellers

​30 Day ​Free Trial, Cancel ​at Any Time!

There are two important questions you should answer before trying to sell your property without an agent: Is it worth it for me? And, am I up to the task?

Simple math and the experience of countless sellers ​shows that in most cases the answer to these questions is "Yes" and "Yes".

DomoVendo makes it easy for you to find out if you are a match for our program by offering a risk-free 30 day trial. Once your application is approved, the first 30 days of our coaching program are provided 100% free of charge (a $199 value).

​Even if you exit our program after the 30 day trial has ended, you have a benefit. If you hire one of our participating real estate agents to complete your sale, your program cost will be credited toward the agent's commission fees at the time of closing.

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​DomoVendo's real-time coaching program provides you with clear, real-time guidance on how to sell your house without an agent.
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​Our program instructors are highly experienced real estate professionals with thousands of property sales under their belts. ​​Click below to select your instructor.

Qualify For Our 30 Day Free Trial

DomoVendo provides a limited trial offer for new sellers. Submit your application today, if you qualify, your first 30 days of DomoVendo ​coaching are free (a savings of $199)!

Only 80 Spaces Available for the Fall / Winter Cohort!

Home Seller's FAQ's

The thought of selling your own house without a real estate agent might seem daunting at first. Sellers frequently have questions like: How will buyers find my house? What about legal liabilities? Will I get a fair price if I sell without an agent? Where do I even start? Click here for answers to these and other frequently asked questions.

DomoVendo's program has been structured to demystify the home selling process and guide you step by step so that you’ll be selling FOR yourself, but not BY yourself.

How This is Not a FSBO Service

DomoVendo is completely different from a FSBO company. We won’t sell you a host of unrelated services and useless space for listing your house for sale. Instead, we provide personalized guidance through the complete home selling process via structured webinars led by experienced real estate professionals. With our programs, you are never left alone at any stage of selling your home and our ultimate goal is always to see you sell your house successfully!

You do as much as you want, we handle the rest...

From staging to showing and on to closing the deal, you’ve got a professional team beside you. We’re here to make sure you’re not overwhelmed by any part of the process; and if you feel some aspect of selling your home is beyond your comfort zone, we have professionals who can handle it for you. View our program summary right now!

​DomoVendo's Guided Program Feature:

  • ​Expert-driven coaching from experienced realtors
  • ​Personalized guidance through the entire selling process
  • ​A community of like-minded sellers offering support
  • ​On-demand personal mentoring (optional)
  • ​Do as much as you want and we will help with the rest
  • ​$25 application fee returned if you're not accepted into DomoVendo
  • ​A 30 day free trial once your application is approved
  • ​A marketplace of vendors to take on tasks a seller may not want to do
  • Check Square
    ​Free use of our site and market place of vendors even if you're not enrolled in the program

​Some of DomoVendo's Amazing Benefits!

  • ​With DomoVendo you're selling for yourself but not by yourself!  You’ve got a professional team beside you every step of the way!

  • You save big when you go through DomoVendo! As an example, if your house is valued at $300,000 your average savings could be anywhere from $9,000 to $18,000​!

  • But that's not all: once you master the program you can keep using DomoVendo’s resources to sell your next house, and the house after that. Since the average American lives in 5 houses over his/her lifetime your savings could snowball to almost $100,000! That is a couple years of college for the kids or a huge contribution to your retirement savings.

  • ​Get helpful tips on negotiating so you get the most for your home. We also show you how to pre-screen buyers!
  • Get professional advice on staging and showing your home so you save money and put your best foot forward​ ensuring your house ​sells successfully​ and quickly​.

  • ​We provide discounted legal support​ ​to review your documents so you avoid costly mistakes. A 30-minute legal consultation ​costs just $100. If you need to hire the attorney providing the consultation for deeper assistance, he/she will credit the $100 against ​any further fees.

​About DomoVendo

​DomoVendo is a privately funded, early-stage company that is established and managed by a team of experienced real estate and technology professionals. Over the last four years, we realized that in spite of all the advances in technology, sellers of residential real estate are still stuck paying commission fees that sometimes amount to 30% of a home's equity.  In addition, most sellers are not completely satisfied with the experience. ​DomoVendo is committed to changing that. Learn ​about our program.

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​If you're not ready to commit to ​DomoVendo's guided program, you're welcome to use ​the site to access our exclusive marketplace of professional vendors as well as our property sales planner. Sign up is easy!

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Only ​80 Spaces Available for the Fall / Winter Cohort!


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